Company PPU "Karo" is located in Pomerania voivodship in Bytów county, Lipnica municipality. The company has been operating since 1994, currently we employ ca. 160 persons.
We sell our products throughout the whole Europe. Export production amounts to 90% of whole company production.
In 2007 we extended our plant, which significantly broadened our production capability, we possess modern technological lines and wood processing machines. Our products are characterized by very high quality in terms of production and impregnation.



Since the beginning of the company's existence we have been dealing with production of broadly-understood garden haberdashery.
Our product range includes various types of Lamellar fences (simple, with arches, with grating), driven fences, pergola, landings, rollborders, plant pots, sandboxes and other.
Due to care for high quality and durability, all our products are pressure-impregnated, with the use of a chrome-less ecological agent in our own modern autoclave.

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77-130 Lipnica, Sątoczno 9
Tel. 59 8218710, Fax +48 59 8217708,
e-mail: karo@megier.pl
NIP 842-000-97-10

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